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Artwork Guidelines and Specifications

Kelly Signs & Graphics will work to make your designs look their best.

But, the easier it is, the quicker your designs are plotted, printed and put into place.

Therefore, if you are providing the artwork for us to print, the file type/size matters. Any and all logos, designs and/or artwork that you want on your requested design will work best in vector format. The most common vector format filetypes are Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) files, Scaleable Vector Graphics (.svg) files, Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files, and/or Portable Document Format (.pdf) files. PDF files, however, aren't always in vector format and should be checked.

Vector files are important because they use geometrical primitives to create imagery rather than fixed, restrictive pixels used by raster images. Vector files are based on mathematical expressions, allowing the graphic to be scaled up or down infinitely while retaining fine, sharp quality lines/edges/shapes.

If you do not have a vector file of the artwork you are supplying the next best thing is a high-definition, large-format raster image file (at least 300dpi). If the image is exact size for printing, we should still be able to use it for your graphics.

However, if you do not have a vector file or high-definition, large-format raster image file of your artwork, then we will have to re-create the artwork in vector format to be able to use it in your requested graphic. This will incur a design fee, but will not be as intensive of a design fee as creating custom graphics from scratch.

If you are not supplying your own artwork, it is not a problem. We love doing custom designs, and would be more than happy to create unique, eye-catching designs for whatever signage needs you have. Here at Kelly Signs and Graphics, we want what's best for you, the customer. We'll print your designs if that's all that's required, or we'll design custom prints if you so desire.

Project Management

Vector Graphics

The above image represents what a vector graphic looks like when zoomed in. As you can see, the edges are smooth, and will remain smooth no matter what the magnification/scaling size.

Project Management

Raster Images

The above image represents what a raster image looks like when zoomed in. Contrary to the vector image shown at the top, this raster image gets pixelated and "blurry" upon magnification. This is due to the fixed pixel count that makes up rasterized imagery.

Project Management

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

Regardless of vector or raster, printers still have to print within a fixed area (dimensions). The amount of ink a printer releases onto a substrate effects the quality of the final product. The the more dots of ink a printer sets down per inch (dpi), the higher the quality of the final printed result.
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