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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proof?

A proof is a mock-up of your requested design. Proofs allow you to review the design and layout of your product before we finalize it. Any changes and requests can be made during this time, and physical production of the final product is started only after you approve the final design proof.

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What is a vector?

A vector graphic is a computer graphic that uses geometrical primitives (points, lines, curves, shapes & polygons) based on mathematical expressions. Since the graphic is based on mathematical expressions and not defined limits (such as pixels or inches), the graphic can be resized infinitely larger or smaller without losing image quality in the lines, edges, shapes, lettering, etc. This is opposed to raster images (bitmap, jpeg, etc.), whose defined pixel count will cause the image to get distorted and pixelated the more you resize it.

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What is CMYK?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. These are the subtractive ink colors in injet printers, used in combination to create the colored imagery being printed. This differs from RGB (Red, Green, and Blue), the additive colors of light seen on computer/tv monitors.

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What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and is a way of measuring reproducible image quality. Standard DPIs are as follows: Photographs - 300dpi, Large Format Printing - 100dpi, Computer/Website Graphics - 72dpi.

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What is Pantone?

The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

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What kind of materials can you print on?

We can print on Adhesive Vinyl, Various-sized Vinyl Banners, Poster Paper, Photo Paper, Wall Paper, Fabric, Artist Canvas, Low Tack Wall Vinyl, Magnetic, View-Through Perforated Vinyl, Mesh Banner, Car Wrap Vinyl, and more!

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What type of equiment/software do you use?

» Windows Operating System
Windows OS

» Adobe Creative Suite Programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Etc.)
Adobe IllustratorAdobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator

» HP DesignJet L26500 61" Roll-to-Roll Eco-Friendly Latex Printer
HP DesignJet L26500 Latex Printer

» Graphtec FC8000 cutter/plotter
Graphtec FC8000 Cutter/Plotter

» Royal Sovereign Cold Laminator
Royal Sovereign Cold Laminator

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Where can I get more answers?

If you have questions not answered here or anywhere else on the site, you can either e-mail us, message us on facebook, call us at (314) 457-1300 or visit the Contact Us page for more information.

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