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Get To Know The Kelly Signs and Graphics Family.

Our goal: to be a premier St. Louis sign company,
as well as active members of the community.

Laurie and Dan Kelly | Owners

Laurie & Dan Kelly | Owners

Kelly Signs and Graphics opened our storefront doors in January of 2013.

Located at 6820 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, this opening marked the return of owners Dan and Laurie Kelly (and their adorable, loving dogs, Mimi and Fifi) to their beloved St. Louis Hills’ neighborhood after a two-year move to St. Louis County.

The Kelly family's decision to open their business in St. Louis Hills stemmed from a desire to not only return to their dear neighborhood, but from a desire to support their beloved neighborhood by providing them with a much-needed quality service: Signs and Graphics. The Kelly Family wants their neighborhood to look as beautiful as it feels.

With 38 years of management experience, former Titan Global Distribution CEO Dan Kelly and his wife Laurie Kelly knew that the community would benefit from their business, and that business would boom in the community.

Our Current Staff

President/CEO - Laurie Kelly
Consultant - Dan Kelly
Graphic Designer - Sean Baygents
Production Manager - Michael Ellis
Production Assistant - Blake Edwards




Looking for a Job?

We're not always hiring, but feel free to contact us to express your interest in joining the Kelly Signs and Graphics Family. We might just have the opening you're looking for.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is
integral in creating
quality products.

A Positive attitude goes a long way. We make sure to keep positive attitudes not only between the employees and the customers, but also internally between employees and employers alike.

Project Management

Quality products are
essential to satisfy the customer.

Products are the core of any business. A customer wants a product, the business provides the product. But the quality of that product is pivotal in satisfying both the customer and the company.

Customer Care & Service

Customer care & service is a staple of good business.

We care deeply about our customers. Above all else, our goal is to satisfy your each and every need in the sign/design world. If you're happy, we're happy. End of story.